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Dental issues can be a sign of other health problems.

You may think a dentist is only concerned about your oral health.  However, that is not the case.  The Lakeshore Dental team knows your oral health is not just about how you care for your teeth but can signal other health issues.

We take your blood pressure and ask about changes in your oral and general health.  If we see symptoms arise, we will assess, treat or monitor them. If necessary, Dr. Dan or Dr. Mike will suggest contacting your primary care physician as a precaution.

Oral symptoms may indicate:

  • Diabetes – Gum disease, bleeding gums, loose teeth, slower healing, bad taste in mouth
  • Heart Disease – Inflamed gums, jaw pain
  • Eating Disorders – Erosion on the insides of the front teeth
  • Risk of premature birth – Inflamed gums
  • Autoimmune disease – Sores, white/red patches, dry mouth
  • Hypothyroidism – Dry mouth
  • Vitamin deficiency – Bleeding or inflamed gums

Make your visit to Lakeshore Dental a part of your overall health plan.