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Things to consider before whitening your teeth

Consider having a dental checkup before buying an over-counter-whitener. Our team will determine your enamel thickness, if you have receding gums, dental sensitivity or tooth decay. We can advise you on how whitening products can make these conditions worse or even cause discomfort.  The Lakeshore Dental team will also advise you on how prior dental restorations (like crowns, fillings, veneers) can be affected when a whitening product is used.

Only a dental professional can truly determine if your discoloration and stains are on the tooth’s surface or deep within the tooth itself. They will be able to recommend which whitening products whether over-the-counter or professional whitening procedures are the best for your smile.

We recommend Safety First!  We want you to have that bright dazzling smile!  As tempting as do-it-yourself treatments may be, there are many reasons to seek advise and use a professional dental whitening system.  Lakeshore Dental will provide the proper whitening frequency and strength to achieve safe and effective results based on your oral health.