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Toothbrush Tips

Add an expiration date

You should replace the toothbrush with a new one every three months or when you notice the bristles wearing down. The bristles on your toothbrush must be in good condition in order for them to effectively remove plaque and tiny bits of food from the teeth. Use a permanent marker to put an expiration date on the handle.

Don’t Share Your Toothbrush

It doesn’t matter how close you may be with someone your toothbrush will transfer germs and illnesses. It is also important not to allow your toothbrush to come into contact with other toothbrushes when storing several together in one holder.

Rinse Your Toothbrush After Brushing

After brushing your teeth, take the time to thoroughly rinse off your brush with water to remove any remaining toothpaste and food debris.

Allow Your Toothbrush to Dry

Give your toothbrush time to dry completely after you’re done brushing your teeth before storing it away. This will prevent microorganisms from growing and spreading in the moist bristles.