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What Lakeshore Dental wants you to know before your visit.

A popular magazine likes to publish articles on what a “professional” wants you to know before you visit their office.  Here are the main points we hope our patients know.

Bleeding gums are not “normal”.

Many patients seem to be under the impression that a little bleeding after brushing their teeth is normal. Bleeding gums are a sign of inflammation.  Inflamed gums are a sign of an infection. Be sure to tell us if you’ve seen any blood after brushing and flossing so we can identify if you have gum disease.

If nothing hurts, there could still be a problem.

Pain is a poor indicator when it comes to teeth.  Typically, you will not have pain with most dental problems, until the situation has become extreme. For example, if one of your teeth has a hairline fracture, you won’t feel anything until the fracture has split, like a piece of firewood, all the way down to the root. Never skip a dentist appointment because you don’t feel any pain; the pain just might not have arrived yet.

If your teeth look nice, there could still be a problem.

Many people who believe that if a smile looks healthy, it is healthy. However, your teeth are like a house—even if the walls are stable, something could be compromising the structure. So even if everything looks fine, you should still make regular dental check-ups.

Don’t be embarrassed

If you haven’t been to the dentist because you’re ashamed of your teeth, or afraid of what might be found. Rest assured that we’ve seen it all, and we are here to help, not judge. Taking care of your teeth is taking the first step towards a healthy smile.