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Tips for Cleaning & Caring for Your Oral Appliance


  1. Always take out at night.  It is best to sleep without a partial or denture in at night.  Bacteria sits for the longest time undisturbed at night, by leaving your appliance in it could cause irritation to the gum tissue.  Taking it out allows the gums to recuperate from the constant wear of the appliance.  It’s just like saying you wouldn’t wear your shoes to bed, so why would you wear your oral appliance to bed. 

  2. When taking a denture or partial in or out always rinse with water first.  Bacteria attach to hard surfaces so it is always best to disturb any bacteria that may be holding on to your appliance.

  3. Soak your denture or partial in the specific cleaner meant for your appliance at night.  The cleaner will help keep the bacteria from hardening on your appliance making it very difficult to keep clean.  It is okay to brush your appliance with a toothbrush and toothpaste but just make sure that toothpaste you are using is not too abrasive.  Abrasive toothpastes can cause microscopic scratches in the plastic of your appliance making it easier to trap bacteria. 

  4. While cleaning your denture or partial it is smart to put a towel in the sink in case it gets dropped. A towel in the sink can soften the blow of the appliance and hopefully keep it from breaking. 

  5. Continue oral hygiene routines inside the mouth.  Even though no teeth may be present in the mouth the gum tissue can still attract bacteria. A wet washcloth or soft toothbrush should be used the clean all the gum tissue present where the teeth once were.  This will help control bacteria that can be responsible for bad odors in the mouth.


Mouth guards/ Night guards

  1. These appliances are only meant to be worn for a specific purpose to protect the teeth.  When they are not being worn it is important to keep them wrapped in a damp paper towel and placed in their specific container.

  2. Always rinse with water before and after wearing.  This will help disturb any bacteria that may be holding onto your appliance.

  3. Be sure to brush with a toothbrush after use to ensure cleanliness of your appliance.

  4. Be sure to keep out of reach of all pets.  Dogs especially love to use these as chew toys and that can be a very expensive investment.