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Why does the floss get stuck or shred when I floss between certain teeth?

Shredding floss could be a sign of a broken filling, crowded teeth, leftover material from a new filling or crown, or decay under an existing filling or crown. First, try a thinner floss or waxed floss. However, if the problem continues, call Lakeshore Dental, or make sure to mention it during your next scheduled exam. […]

Show and Tell

Many patients struggle to understand why they may need dental procedures, simple or complex when they aren’t experiencing any pain or see no visual evidence that the procedure is needed. Intraoral cameras allow patients to see the state of their mouths in real-time rather than being shown difficult-to-understand x-rays or listening to the explanation of […]

Can I have gum disease if I don’t have cavities?

According to the American Dental Association, being cavity-free doesn’t ensure you are in the free of gum disease. That’s because gum disease is painless and many people have no idea they have it. Gums that bleed easily or are red, swollen or tender is a sign of gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease and […]

Can I still get a cavity if my tooth has a crown?

A crown is typically needed when a tooth has a cavity or fracture that involves half the width of the tooth or more.  The crown fits over the healthy part of the existing tooth up to the gum line or margin (edges) of the crown. Crowns do prevent cavities on the surface of the tooth; […]