Smart phone with dental appointment reminder screen

Appointment Communication

We understand you have a busy life. To make your dental visits convenient, we offer tools to make your life easier.

While visiting our website, you will have easy access to “New Patient” forms that you can complete at your convenience and bring along to your first appointment.

We will send a text or email reminder based on your preference for upcoming appointments.  You can confirm with a quick response, emoji, or a message.  If you would prefer not to get messages about your upcoming appointments, you can STOP all reminders as well with a simple text, or restart them with the word START.

For those of you who are harder to reach through technology, we will attempt to confirm appointments through phone calls.

If you need to reschedule or would like to make an appointment, please contact us by phone at 920-682-7881 and we will do our best to arrange the best available appointment time for you.