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What is the Difference Between White and Silver Fillings?

Resin composite fillings are made of ceramic and plastic compounds.  Because resins are tooth-colored, these fillings are often used on front teeth.  Initially, resin fillings were not strong enough to use in areas of high-pressure grinding and chewing.  However, over the past decade, technology has greatly improved to allow the use of resin materials in back teeth.  Resins are now often chosen for teeth with cracks in them as they actually bond the tooth together, making it stronger. 

Most people recognize amalgam fillings as silver fillings.  Amalgam is a mix of mercury, silver, tin and copper.  Since the mercury is combined with other materials, it’s chemical nature changes, rendering it harmless and making them a safe and affordable choice.  Amalgam fillings are often chosen for their durability and strength, especially in teeth where chewing and grinding result in heavy wear.

Deciding which type of filling to use is best made by you and your dentist, taking into consideration the size and location of the cavity, your patient history, and cosmetic concerns.  Ask us which type of restoration is best for you.