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How Can I Get My Kid to Brush Their Teeth?

Is it a battle to get your kids to brush their teeth?  Help make brushing fun for your kids!  Here are some tips to get your young one on the road to developing a lasting oral care routine.

  1. Start brushing your children’s teeth early – as soon as that first tooth pokes through.  Right off the bat, work together to establish a clear routine.  Stick to it!  Make brushing part of their morning and bedtime routine.  Before long they will be reminding YOU that they need to brush their teeth!

  2. Show & Tell with a toothbrush by brushing your own teeth while your child is brushing.  Get down to their level so they can see what you are doing.  Demonstrate how to brush in circles, like train wheels going around a track from left-to-right and right-to-left.  Be sure to show them how to brush all their teeth: top and bottom, front and back.  Demonstrating how to brush your tongue is sure to give them a giggle!  Another fun learning opportunity is to let your child brush your teeth!  Or have them practice on a doll or teddy bear.

  3. Let them pick their own toothbrush and toothpaste.  Children’s toothpaste comes in a variety of flavors – some may even feature your son or daughter’s favorite characters.  Let them pick a couple of different flavors so they can switch it up; just be sure the toothpaste is age appropriate.  There are also several children’s toothbrushes that are fun and colorful.  Be sure to look for a child’s toothbrush with soft bristles and a head that is small enough to fit around their teeth. 

  4. Encourage them to brush on their own.  Around age two, they are ready to put their own toothpaste on the brush and take a turn brushing by themselves.  Don’t worry about the mess – it cleans up easily!  However, until your child has the coordination to reach all areas of their teeth (usually around age 6 or 6), mom or dad need to finish the job to be sure all teeth have been adequately cleaned.

  5. Make a game of brushing teeth.  The minimum amount of time your children should brush is 2 minutes, 2 times a day.  Set a timer or choose a favorite song and brush until the song is over.  Come up with a teeth-brushing dance!  Brush along with them and have a contest to see who can create the most bubbles with their brushing.  Ask your children to show you how clean their teeth are after getting rid of all the cavity monsters.

  6. Praise, praise, praise.  Compliment your child’s brushing; you want them to develop a life-long oral care routine, so use positive reinforcement.  Create a sticker chart and give them starts for brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing once a day.