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What Happens When Permanent Teeth Don’t Come In?

Statistics indicate that as many as 20% of adults have a congenitally missing tooth. Sometimes, children will lose their baby teeth and the permanent teeth seem to be taking a long time to appear.  When this happens, it is referred to as delayed eruption. If you are worried, schedule an appointment to see Dr. Dan or Dr. Mike. They will be able to access if the tooth is just taking longer to appear, congenitally missing or if it is growing in the wrong direction.

If your child’s tooth is missing, there are options to replace it.  They may be a candidate for a dental implant or bridge placement to fill the space. In most cases, it is usually recommended to have a space maintainer placed. This will prevent the shifting of other teeth until the appropriate age when a final treatment is determined.

If the permanent tooth does not have room to come in due to crowding, we may recommend you visit an Orthodontist. An Orthodontist is a specialist in moving and straightening teeth.