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Why Do I Need X-rays?

Dental X-rays are a valuable tool for detecting problems or damage to your teeth and gums that are not visible to the naked eye during a routine exam.  X-rays show the condition of your teeth, their roots, jaw placement and composition of facial bones.  They can help your dentist determine the presence of small cavities between teeth or below fillings and crowns, periodontal (gum) disease, infections in the bone, abscesses or cysts, developmental abnormalities, and even some types of tumors.  An x-ray identifies the exact location of impacted teeth and teeth not yet fully developed.  The advantage to you is that x-rays allow dental problems to be found and treated at an early stage, saving you time, money and unnecessary pain. 

X-rays are not needed at every visit.  Your x-ray schedule is based on your individual needs, including whether you are a new patient, follow-up patient, adult or child.  In general, children and adults at low risk for tooth decay and gum disease need X-rays less frequently.  If you have any questions about x-rays, please give us a call or bring it up at your next visit.