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Your teeth and how they affect your speech

Teeth are for more than just chewing. They also play a big part in speech development and confidence.

Teeth help us produce all kinds of sounds, including /f/ (“first”), /v/ (“victory), /s/ (“sing”), /z/ (“zip”), the “ch” in “chips,” the g sound in “gym,” and the “sh” sound in “shake.” Teeth are also partially responsible for the voiceless” sounds like “th” (“thirst). Think about all the words that use these sounds and imagine how missing or misaligned teeth might make speaking more challenging.

When a person’s teeth are jumbled, misaligned or missing, they lack the confidence to smile or even speak. Talking quietly and mumbling are also common. These dental issues can also cause lack of confidence professionally and socially.

Visit Lakeshore Dental and learn about options such as veneers, bridges or implants, that can improve your speech, smile and confidence.